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    Question Unable to decide on a KitKat ROM

    Hi guys.

    Now that it's been confirmed that there isn't going to be an official KitKat for the GS3, I'm looking to root and install a custom ROM.
    Having looked at some options and various YouTube videos, I still can’t choose. All that talk of issues with Wi-Fi, camera and all doesn't exactly help either.
    Has anyone here tried KitKat on the GS3? How’s the overall experience? Would you say it's worth it?
    Granted there probably isn't a single perfect-for-everybody ROM out there, but still, could you recommend one that focuses on lightness, stability, and robustness? (i747-compatible, needless to say).

    Thanks, guys.
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    Default Re: Unable to decide on a KitKat ROM

    Have you tried SlimKat? It's one of the best KK ROMs available for the S3. Lots of UI and performance features. Very smooth and fast. Haven't had any major issues.

    Xda developers has a nice collection of S3 roms.

    Sent from my G2 running SOKP
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    Question Is 'D2LTE' the correct ROM for the i747 GS3?

    Thanks for the recommendation, SactoKingsFan.

    They have one for the international version (i9300) and one called d2lte. Does this d2lte cover my i747?

    Thanks again.
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    Default Re: Unable to decide on a KitKat ROM

    The d2lte build is for all US versions of the S3. Everything should work fine as long as you also flash the 4.4 Gapps.

    Sent from my G2 running SOKP
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