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    Default s beam redirected to play store

    anyone have a hard time receiving an s beam and being directed to a dead link in the playstore? i tried sending myself a picture from my note 2 and on the htc i got a redirect to the play store to a dead link.

    btw i did a search and nothing came up on this topic.

    thanx in advance
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    Default Re: s beam redirected to play store

    S beam and android beam work a bit differently. Some things will come through. Not all

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    Default Re: s beam redirected to play store

    I have the same problem with my samsung s4. I sent an image to a friends note 2 and s3 and all it tells me is that is preparing to send and never does. When they try and send something to me it directs me to the play store. Think I might have to take it back to be checked.
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    Default Re: s beam redirected to play store

    I did a bunch of transfers between my note 2 and HTC one yesterday just to check it out and everything worked as it should. Try turning off s beam and just keeping NFC on.

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