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    Default iMessage Issue

    I recently went in the pool with my iPhone 5 in my pocket, tried the rice trick, worked for a couple of days and then didn't turn on again.

    Unfortunately I was unable to turn off iMessage before I activated my HTC One.

    I also went to the apple support website where you can unregister your devices but it seems to think I never owned an iPhone 5 because the only thing it had on record was my old iPhone 4.

    My brother has an iPhone 5 but the sim for the HTC one does not fit into the sim slot on the 5. Does anyone know if it fits into the sim slot on the 4? I dont even know how switching the sim in and turning off iMessage would work considering the iphone is not set up on my apple account.

    I was wondering what my options are here for turning off iMessage other than returning the HTC One, getting an iPhone 5 and turning off iMessage, then returning the iPhone 5 and getting the HTC Once again. **headache**

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    Default Re: iMessage Issue

    What you can do is take your SIM and go to an apple store and just put you SIM inside a 4S/4 and turn off iMessage. Then pop it in your phone and you're on the go.
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    Default Re: iMessage Issue

    I'm pretty sure you can go to an AT&T corp store and get a new sim.
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    Default Re: iMessage Issue


    If you have mac computer you can sign out of all the Messages account. Like your phone number and email address.

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