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    Default Black HTC One durability of anodization?

    Have any of you had the black One for a few weeks and can report on the durability of the anodization?

    I like the look of the black one better than the silver one (mostly because I don't like white on a phone), but the unaltered aluminum might look better after a year in use...
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    Default Re: Black HTC One durability of anodization?

    100% right. I have the black One (and i would buy it again over silver) and i take the case off every day after work. Where my holster clips over the edge i am starting to see slight rub off.

    If you're ruff on phones i'd suggest the silver. For me i love the black and i've changed which case i use at work to remedy the issue. For everyday use it seems fine with no issues
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    Default Re: Black HTC One durability of anodization?

    I have the black one and don't use a case (yet). Three weeks of regular use and not so much as a scuff!
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    Default Re: Black HTC One durability of anodization?

    I had a Black HTC One and my ring brushed the back of it and left about a 1 in scratch. I exchanged it for a silver. The black scratched way too easily but it does look much nicer than the silver in my opinion.
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    Default Re: Black HTC One durability of anodization?

    Owned mine for over a month and no rubbing off. Small hairline scratch on back that can hardly be seen due to everyday usage. And I don't use a case.

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