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    Default HTC ONE Mail: Google push and microsoft activesync


    I just got my HTC ONE a few days ago and have been struggling with the native mail app. I am able to set up m exchange activesync accounts and my Gmail account but am finding that the Gmail is not able to "Push" mail. I can only get it to check every 5 minutes. After much research, it looks like Gmail does not support activesync pushing anymore. I have read many posts about using multiple apps for my email accounts (including the Gmail app that came with my phone) but I would rather have them all in one place. So my question is this: Do you know of any android mail apps that support exchange activesync AND Gmail with "Push" capabilities. I want them all to be together and I really need my gmail "pushed."
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    Default Re: HTC ONE Mail: Google push and microsoft activesync

    I believe that the native mail app does push exchange active sync accounts. My hotmail account is pretty quick, so I assume that it is push, because I did set it up as an exchange active sync.

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