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    Default AT&T HTC One: 4.4 miscellaneous files question

    So I just got 4.4 and was in settings and clicked on storage and clear up space and then its searches the phones storage and has categories and the space they take up, at the bottom it say miscellaneous and mine contains like 5000 files can I delete these all? After all, it is under the "make more space" option. Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: AT&T HTC One: 4.4 miscellaneous files question

    I absolutely would not do that. You still have to review them. Just because it will free up space doesn't mean they're "safe" to delete. Examples that are easy to think of are data files for podcasts, backups done locally like through titanium, downloaded sounds, pictures, app files and so on.

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    Default Re: AT&T HTC One: 4.4 miscellaneous files question

    I wouldn't trust that either. I am using about 10 gb for apps, music, photos etc. I have 12.45 free of the 32 gb free. And I also see that Miscellaneous listing with 9.71 gb and 9, 775 files. No idea how that figure is worked up, but I wouldn't delete it.

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