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    Default Screen flicker problem

    So I've been having a problem with the screen ever since I got the phone 4 days ago. When the screen is on 0% brightness, browsing through web pages causes the screen to flicker. Auto-brightness is off. I'm not sure what it is, but its incredible annoying. Any ideas? Could this be fixed or should I return the phone for a new one? Apparently someone else got it too and posted a video about it on youtube here:

    and here:

    so, what do you think?
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    Default Re: Screen flicker problem

    Definitely replace it, my wife's phone does not do any of that.

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    I got my g2 about a month ago and noticed this problem, along with a couple others, within a few days of having it. I googled the issues and found out a bunch of other people were having the same problems. They weren't deal breakers, because otherwise the phone is great, so I dealt with it. I went into T-Mobile a couple days ago with something unrelated, and brought up the problems in random conversation. They told me it shouldn't be doing that so they gave me a brand new phone. I got it yesterday and noticed by the end of the night, that it didn't help. One of the issues (screen jumping while playing Netflix) seems to be gone, for now anyway, but the knock on feature is still wonky (always works when turning off the screen but waking it up is a crap shoot), and the screen still flickers when it's dimmed. I noticed it seems to be more prevalent when scrolling. It's a small downside but an irritating one nonetheless. I'm hoping that it's a software issue and will be corrected with some kind of patch in a new update. I feel like turning this phone in, will only result in the irritation of having to set up a third phone, to find that it does the same thing..

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    Default Re: Screen flicker problem

    I am having worse problem with my screen. It only few days old and it going crazy. Please advice. check out video..
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    Default Re: Screen flicker problem

    Im on my 3rd phone also (LG G2) and my phone is having some of the same problems yours is having. I just got off the phone with AT&T tech support and told the guy my frustration with these phones i.e. screen flickering, not responding to touch when pushing icon, screen getting hot, etc, etc. He once again told me (like the others) that he never heard of these issues before with the LG G2. He then put me on hold for about 10 minutes and called LG Tech Support himself. He finally got back on the phone and said LG is aware of the screen issues and are gonna do a joint effort with AT&T to release a software update in the near future to address these issues but didn't give specific dates. He did on the other hand give me LG tech support number (which you could probably get from LG's site) which is 1-800-793-8896. He also informed me that this update is for the G2 and don't know anything about the nexus.
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    Default Re: Screen flicker problem

    got my lg yesterday and am noticing flickering screen today...
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    Default Re: Screen flicker problem

    Hi I too have the same problem as Sabrber and my screen goes grey after a while.Screen flicker problem-img-20140415-wa0001-1-.jpg
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    Default Re: Screen flicker problem

    ive had my phone for about 8 days now with no issues, YET and now after researching and finding out about how many people have this issue, im seriously considering exchanging this phone in since im still in the 14 days period for exchanges, for htc or something because I dont wanna be stuck with a messed up device for good after my 14 day grace period is over since so many people get this issue a month or so later.
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    Default Re: Screen flicker problem

    I had the same issue. This may sound ridiculous but sinced I un installed vutalk which was an exclusive automatic update my flickering issues stopped immediately. That worked for me

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