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    Default Re: Get ADB to recognize the G2

    Quote Originally Posted by Plastic3D View Post
    After many unsuccessful attempts by using the attached driver file at the top of this thread, I finally found a solution here:

    [SOLVED][ADB] Won't install correctly for my G2. - xda-developers

    Download Corylulu's zip file, and be sure to replace ALL the files in your driver folder, or else WinXP or others will not recognize the .inf file.

    I moved the original files and folders into a new safe-keeping folder just in case before replacing.

    Above link to Corylulu's zip file is broken. These manual steps worked for me:

    alt236: HTC Desire Z (AKA HTC Vision AKA T-Mobile G2) and ADB drivers
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    Default Re: Get ADB to recognize the G2

    OK i'm am suh confused. My computer itself will recognize when my g2 is plugged in, but when I go C:\adb devices it won't list my device... pretty sure I have all the necessary drivers... adb is in C:\ and C:\android-sdk-windows and C:\android-sdk-windows\tools hahah that way I couldn't possibly mess it up but I did.. I managed the impossible.. and it is also in the path uner my computer, properties, advanced, environmental variables etc.etc.

    My end result is to try to downgrade from gingerbread (current) to froyo (future) so I can root and get custom ROMs, new to the whole scene but trying to figure it all out to no avail! This is one of many bumps in the road however google helped me solve all "bumps" up to this point.

    Please help!

    stuck at adb not recognizing my g2 ...
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    Default Re: Get ADB to recognize the G2

    and if you want to see how I got to where I am I followed these "tutorials"

    guide to installing SDK - [GUIDE] ADB Workshop and Guide for everyone - xda-developers

    guide to downgrade - [GUIDE] Downgrade G2 (2.3.3) & DZ (2.3.3) & mT4g (2.3.4) w/ S-ON to Stock Froyo - xda-developers
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