I have a bit of a strange question, and I hope it fits here in this forum. In S Note, I am able to insert various shapes, hand writing to text, and formulas. After having them inserted, I am able to easily tap and hold these items, then I can move and resize them any way I want.

My question comes with text mode, where you type with a keyboard. When I tap on text mode, it places on giant text box over the entire page. The cursor starts on the top left corner and you can type as normal. But I have not been able to figure out how I can select the entire box created by text mode. I would love to type something out with my keyboard, then move it to a different part of the page. How can I select the giant box created by text mode?

Right now the only work arounds I have found are to either make a screen clipping of the text I typed, or to use spaces and enters to move my text to the proper spot on my page.

Thanks for your help.