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    Post photos recently moved to sd card have mysteriously disappeared

    Hello all, first time here.

    So first thing first, I have a note 2 for t-mobile. It is not rooted or anything and it has a 64gb sd card in it. I thought it would be a great idea to move all my pictures to the sd card so I could have more internal memory. I used the built in "my files" app to move the folders containing my pictures to the sd card. When I first moved them, they still showed up in the gallery and everything was fine. The next day when I went to the gallery I noticed some of my pictures were missing. So I went to the location of the files and looked through each folder and noticed that the actually picture files were gone. Like they deleted themselves, they just mysteriously disappeared. I have no idea how it happened and now I can't seem to find all the pictures I lost. I tried clearing the data, I tried restarting my phone and unmounting the sd card, but nothing worked. I also moved a few songs that were in the internal memory to the sd card, they worked fine but now they don't show up in my playlist. The files are still there and I moved them backed but now my players [I use multiple players] say they don't recognize/play the file type [they are mp3s]. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: photos recently moved to sd card have mysteriously disappeared

    Something similar happened to my Note 2. I had forgot to plug in the charge overnight, and the next morning it was completely dead, and the contents on the SD card were corrupted. I had to re-install the contents to the card after it was charged. One other problem I had with things disappearing from micro SD cards was when I bought a questionable 64GB card on eBay, at a too nice a price.
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    Default Re: photos recently moved to sd card have mysteriously disappeared

    Most possible explanation for this is that the SD card you have could be fake. That although it says 64GB on the card and even if you check its properties, it in fact has less capacity. Maybe ony 2GB. If the card in fact only has 2GB capacity any file you save after reaching this limit may show in the directory but the actual file will be empty or corrupted, or could disappear from the directory. Check out this thread in eBay about fake SD cards. Beware of fake 32gb micro sd card on ebay!!!!!! - The eBay Community
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    Default Re: photos recently moved to sd card have mysteriously disappeared

    Were you ever able to get back the pictures? I recently had this happen and wonder how to get them back. I'm worried because they weren't backed up by any program and wonder why they are missing since I didn't say to delete anything.
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    Default Re: photos recently moved to sd card have mysteriously disappeared

    Well i have hte same problem with a Samsung Galaxy S5.
    - Files copy'd to the card are disappearing in a few hours time.
    - When downloading music in Google music, it looks like new files overwrite old files.

    First i thought it was a problem with the brand less SD card i used. But now i use a Samsung EVO 64gb, and tried 6 various brand cards in sizes 16Gb 32Gb, 64Gb and 128 GB. All the same problem.

    Then i realized that when i got the S5 phone 6 months ago there was no problem at all. So i tried the cards 64 Gb cards in my old Samsung S plus, Not problem at all, it worked fine.

    Then i realized there was an automatic firmware update on the S5 around the time the problems started.
    So now i'm convinced it is definitely a Samsung S5 problem.

    Now the next problem starts, convincing the dealer and Samsung of the product fault and getting it solved.

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