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    Default Tethering not working !! At&t phone but using it w/ T-Mobile

    I have an unlocked At&t Note 2 but I am currently using it with T-mobile, when I try to turn on the mobile hotspot it immediately turns off and tells me "Mobile Data is not available or Invalid SIM". My phone is currently running 4.3 Jelly Bean.
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    Default Re: Tethering not working !! At&t phone but using it w/ T-Mobile

    Flash jedi master x-2 over on xda.

    If that dose not solve your issue.

    Download "apn backup and restore"
    Install it.
    Open titanium backup and set it as a system app.
    Open apn b&r and click ok on the ics error check. Then hit menu and disable ics check. Then hit the back button [not home but back]

    Now open apn b&r and backup all your apns.

    Now go to ypur apn settings and copy on a piece of paper your apn settings.

    Now re open apn b&r and delete all apns. [Not ypur backup]

    Now go back to your apn settings and re enter your tmobile apn.

    If that dosent work. And you did not try the jedi rom [which is touch woz based so u still have all the samsung goodies but no bloat and mods], then factory reset your device and try the apn thing again, or reflash a stock rooted rom. Ypu sometimes must do this after enabling wifi hotspot before this fix.

    If none of that works, try foxfi.

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    Default Re: Tethering not working !! At&t phone but using it w/ T-Mobile

    i am trying to follow your instructions.. but it is really technical... can you please make it easier to understand for newbies like me.. please please please please... thank you very much
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    Default Re: Tethering not working !! At&t phone but using it w/ T-Mobile

    "Flash jedi master x-2 over on xda" ???

    Flashing a ROM is complicated and not the best solution for the average user who has no complaints with the basic ATT bloatware after deleting all that can be deleted

    Also, I would like to see some reasons listed for why it is recommended to flash JM x2 over the APN backup route?

    What trouble issues and benefits are users looking at when using a rooted ATT s4 in unlock mode with a TMobile simm. Compare the pros and cons of the suggested options please.

    *When I try to open APN I get the following error....
    "APNs can not be restored or deleted on this device because Android 4+ does not allow 3rd party apps to write APN"

    IN MY CASE.. I have only the "" APN so how would this be affecting my tethering simm error?
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