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    Default how to delete bookmarks

    How to delete bookmarks

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    How to delete bookmarks
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    Default Re: how to delete bookmarks

    I have an android, verizon 4g lte and for the life of me can't erase any bookmarks, some Idont even remember markin...any help?
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    Default Re: how to delete bookmarks

    How do I delete bookmarks please?
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    Default Re: how to delete bookmarks

    I had the same question. I'm surprised there was no answer here...but there is now!

    To edit or delete a bookmark
    1 Touch the Bookmarks button at the top right of the URL bar.
    2 Touch & hold the bookmark to edit.
    3 Touch Edit or Delete bookmark in the menu
    4. Touch OK.
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    Default Re: how to delete bookmarks


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