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    Smile Galaxy SII : Phone unresponsive after updating to Jellybean

    Hi all, I just updated my SGS2 to Jelly Bean, and everything was working perfectly, but then it froze, so i turned it off, then I turned it back on, and it was just flashing samsung, samsung, samsung, samsung. So I pulled the battery out, and now it wont turn on, wont go into download or recovery mode. I've charged it up overnight and still nothing. The phone feels warm when it's charging, but it's as if no power is getting to the phone. I've also tried a usb jig and a new battery but nothing works.

    I would be greatful if you could help me!

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    Was the phone stock or rooted?
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    Default Re: Galaxy SII : Phone unresponsive after updating to Jellybean

    This is starting to sound more like a tragic case of hardware failure, but it may just be the battery that's the problem.
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