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    Default TMO to ATT

    I gave my GS2 to my grand-daughter. She presently has some sort of plan with ATT. Can she use the GS2 on the that plan? Bob Keesecker from my GN3.

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    Default Re: TMO to ATT

    Not unless the phone is unlocked to work on different carriers.
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    Default Re: TMO to ATT

    If it were the case of using an AT&T Galaxy SII Skyrocket, then yes if the device is unlocked as it can take advantage of T-Mobile's LTE networks due to both using the same frequency for their LTE network spectrum.

    In this case however, yes you can if the device has been unlocked but I'm not really too sure if the SGH-T989 is compatible with AT&T's 3G/HSPA networks just yet.
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