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    Default WIFI: Connected or not? on Galaxy S II

    On Wifi at the office or Starbucks or other networks, things are fine. At home, Wifi shows as connected but doesn't get any incoming traffic. It will work for a while and then just stop. Toggle wifi off and back on resolves the issue for hours or minutes. Other android, windows and linux devices work fine on the home network.

    Two months ago, I put a CyanogenMod 4.4 rom on and the issue seemed to have gone away until a week or two ago.

    What should I be looking at to rectify this?
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    Default Re: WIFI: Connected or not? on Galaxy S II

    For anyone else who may encounter this, I've found a work around. Stopped using WPA PSK and instead connected with WPS. Network at home has been consistent for about a week now.

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