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    Default SMS problem

    Hey everyone !!! im newbie here just signed up today.

    I just got my GS3 up and operational as of today. everything seems to be working, but for some reason i can't seem to send a text message, all i get is the sending icon next to the message i sent to a person... am i do something wrong here or is something wrong with the SMS on the phone?? mind all of you im coming from a optimus M 2.2 froyo

    Thanks for any info and help guys !!
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    Default Re: SMS problem

    20 something views?? and nothing ?
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    Default Re: SMS problem

    Problem solved, i decided to just do a restart on the phone instead of calling tmobile. after restarting the texts went through perfectly and they were coming in as well.
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    Have you tried using a different messaging app instead of the stock app? I like GO SMS Pro, you can get it in the Play Store. Maybe try that and see if it works???
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    Default Re: SMS problem

    thanks for responding !! i was able to just restart the phone and it started working properly
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    Would still recommend go sms to send messages and type with swift key. I'm new too!

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    just use every time

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