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    Default Ringtone volume issues

    Hi all,

    I've got an mp3 that I clipped down into a 20-second wav file that I want to use as a ringtone. I can move it to storage, navigate to it and select it as a ringtone just fine. When I select it to add to the list, it gives an audio preview and the volume levels are great. But as soon as I lock it into the list of available ringtones and play it, it goes super quiet. I've tested this through a few incoming calls, it's quiet then too. I double checked the volume levels and gain of the original files, both of which checked out; high ends in the green, not quite maxing out. To be fair, using the 'increase call volume in pocket' setting DOES boost the volume after a few seconds, but other custom ringtones and notification sounds I've made don't need it at all.

    I even went back and tried using the whole mp3 original, and it does the same thing: audio preview has perfect volume, using it as a ringtone is stupid quiet. Is there any reason for this? I don't think I necessarily did anything wrong clipping and converting the file, I'm just curious what it is about the original file that would cause this effect.

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