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    Question 4.3 update Wi-Fi calling issue

    Quick question to those who have updated to 4.3

    Now when WiFi calling fires up, I always get that big popup window that says "You are now to such and such WiFi network. When you see this symbol at the top of your screen you are able to make calls and send messages over WiFi"

    When I first got the phone that message would come up, but there was a check box to make it never show that notification again. On this version, there is no way to make it go away permanently, so it keeps coming up whenever I connect to my network. Anybody else have this or dealt with this issue?
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    Default Re: 4.3 update Wi-Fi calling issue

    Same issue. Can't make the message stop coming up. Every time I reconnect to wifi...

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: 4.3 update Wi-Fi calling issue

    I have 4.3 stock and my phone is connected to WiFi but I'm not able to open any website or download the app ... facebook app shows connection error
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