I have a few issues:

1. I had to force shutdown my phone. When I rebooted, I noticed some of my settings were erased, the home key swipe up doesn't work, and some apps are crashing. Is there a way I can re-download the latest OS update so it can refresh the system files without having to do a factory reset?

2. The camera has never wanted to scan standard bar codes. QR codes work fine, but whenever I use any app to scan a barcode off a loyalty card or product in the store, the camera never focuses. Is there a setting I should try?

3. I can't figure out how to free up storage space from my pics and videos without deleting them from Google auto backup. I know if I delete them from the Photos app, they're deleted online. However, if I use the Gallery, Astro, or any other app, it's still deleted locally and online. Is there any way I can delete the local version without deleting the online version?

Thank you!