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    Default HTC one stuck in boot with no rom

    So i wiped everything clean on accident and ive tried everything from RUU to sideloading. i might be doing somethings wrong, but from RUU, its says error 7 or whatever and sideloading it says set_metadata error.... Please i need help!!!
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    There's a few threads like this already
    Help! Bricked HTC One no rom or recovery.
    See if any of these solutions work for you
    The second one has a link to XDA where they help specifically if you deleted internal data in recovery
    Ok, so I accidentally deleted the OS on my ONE... Help Please.

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    Default Re: HTC one stuck in boot with no rom

    Use Ncry to upload your rom again one touch button doing everything

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    Default Re: HTC one stuck in boot with no rom

    but i have a HTC though
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    Default Re: HTC one stuck in boot with no rom

    thanks man, but the first one, didnt answer anything, and the second one, i didnt understand the solution, probably cus im a noob. But i have CWM right now, and i dont know what to do...

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