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    Default Startup Problems

    Hello. I recently updated my HTC Sensation 4G phone to Android 4.x (Icecream Sandwich). So now when I reboot or turn on my phone, it starts up faster, but then it takes about 5-7 minutes to be responsive after I unlock my SIM card and phone, and the phone begins to update the internet apps like gmail, face book etc while loading its components. About 25% of all my icons show green Android icon instead of the apps icon and when I press it, it says that the shortcut is no longer associated with the app. However after about 5 minutes or so all icons get their picture or at least begin to work. While in my old system the phone took 3-4 times as long to boot, it would refresh quickly and be user ready in a short period of time. My phone is now also takes about 2-3 times longer to open any app.
    It is worth mentioning that I have RAM Booster, Perfect App Protector and Lookout installed amongst many other non security apps. Please advise.

    Thank you.

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