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    Angry Need urgent help with my phone

    So i just got my LG G2 last week from amazon, and yesterday the phone fell from my pocket from like in 1 feet and the bottom left corner is cracked. The crack only affects little in the screen but now the bottom half of the phone wont even function and the digitizer wont work either (Anything i click from bottom half of the screen doesnt work). Is anything i can do? The phone is T-mobile but unlocked and i am using straight talk service. I dont know if it has any warranty or insurance because as i said before i got it from a private seller in amazon. But the phone was brand new
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    Welcome to the forums.

    I'm sorry to hear about this but not sure what advice to offer. You could try checking eBay to screen/digitizers and see if you can repair the phone or you could contact LG but I doubt the damage would be covered by any warranty service.
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    If you have JUMP you are covered minus the deductible

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