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    Default Unable to save photo edits


    I took a screen shot.
    Went into my file manager (the one that came installed on the phone).
    Navigated to my screenshot.
    Opened using Photos, not gallery (so I could edit, which I have edited photos on my phone before this is just the first time this way and editing a screenshot).
    Edited and when I hit save at the top, the message of "unable to save photo edits" popped up.

    Why and what can I do to stop this??
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    I too had that problem and everytime google+ crashed.go into goggle plus setting snd turn off photo backup(my storage was full) hope this works for you
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    No sorry still doing it must be hit an miss software issue 😞hope an update sorts this annoying problem
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    Quote Originally Posted by EvinLeigh View Post
    Did you try editing the screenshot with Gallery instead of Photos?
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    Yeah can only edit in gallery
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    The exact steps I took above does not allow editing in gallery mode, only photos (using the choose action option via file manager).

    BUT If I enter straight into gallery (not via file manager) I can edit AND SAVE that way.

    Just dont understand WHY it is not allowing saving via Photos Via File Manager (the message I got)!!

    Oh well at least I can still get what I need to get done.
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    Fear not everyone..its because of google plus. Go to settings,apps, and force stop google plus. Then uninstall the update. Next, go to the play store and download the new update..this worked for my g2
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    Thank you that worked perfect !!
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    Default Re: Unable to save photo edits

    I too have been having this issue on my G2. I tried following the steps of stopping Google+ and re-downloading but no change. I also have noticed a few other odd things with this...

    I am using Go SMS Pro and trying to get a photo set for a few contacts.

    I go under the contacts, tap the picture area, I get 2 options; Take photo or select from gallery.

    I choose Select from gallery and I browse to the photo, it brings up the photo editor and when I tap "done" it gives the error that the edit cannot be saved.

    The odd thing is that after making this attempt, I can make a 2nd attempt and it doesn't matter what photo I choose, it always brings up the original photo that filed.

    Since I am unable to accomplish this, I was also trying to get my contacts to use the facebook avatars but unable to complete this either.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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