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    Default T-Mobile LG G2 - TouchScreen Issue

    Hi everyone,

    I just bought an Unlocked T-mobile LG G2 for my ATT network. The phone is in execellent condition cause I bought from my friend. When I plugged it in computer, the LG PC Suite requires me to upgrade firmware version from D80110C to D80110G. I thought the upgrade would not affect anything except fixing bugs and other issues. Right After I upgraded LG G2 to the latest version, my touchscreen stopped working. I can't do anything except power button, volume down and up. I tried factory reset but It didn't work. I also tried to unbricked the LG G2 in order to get back to D80110C. Unfortunately, the touch screen does not respond anything.

    Hope you guys can help me with that.
    Best Regards,
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    Default Re: T-Mobile LG G2 - TouchScreen Issue

    Maybe you need to re-install the ROM again. Try the unbricking method on . I had bricked my phone, used this method to unbrick it, and in doing so, installed d80110g. I don't have any touchscreen issues, so maybe it was a bad install through the pc suite. Make sure to go into the Options menu and select Upgrade Recovery when you do the install. It will take a while depending on your computer and internet. Some people have had issues, but I didn't, so proceed at your own risk. Hope this helps.

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