After a brief work-related iPhone hiatus, I return to the Android ranks today when my G2 arrives. I plan on taking advantage of JUMP! and upgrading again in 6 months; so I figure this is a trial with LG software for me (I've owned an HTC Incredible; a trio of Samsungs -- Galaxy S3, Note II, Galaxy S4; & the LG-built Nexus 4).

So I guess my question is, what should I look forward to & look out for? I know I have a couple of weeks to try it out & exchange it if it's not right for me. I wanted battery life and a good camera, so that's why I went G2 over Nexus 5; but how much will I miss KitKat (which I've gotten used to with the Nexus 7)? I just wish the wireless charging wasn't a Verizon exclusive.

As far as accessories go, I've got a Spigen SlimArmor case & Dreahall Keone 9h tempered glass screen protector already waiting. Anything else that anyone's found particularly useful with this phone?

Thanks everyone!