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    Default T-Mobile LG G2: post KitKat issues

    Phone worked flawlessly until after kitkat upgrade:

    (A) "process com.google.process.gapps has stopped" - seemingly resolved by factory reset at T-Mobile support request.

    (B) random audio that should be playing out of speakers is playing out of earpiece.

    (C) once random calls have been answered with swipe, speakerphone is engaged, though not selected in phone app... misdirected' audio from earpiece to speakers much like/ related to issue (B)??

    (D) knock on to wake doesn't work consistently. Recalibrating sensors via settings seems to fix; but almost daily occurrence

    (E) this morning, 3/18, no carrier signal registering. Power cycling led to no resolve. Ultimately has to hard reset for 2nd time in a week since upgrade.

    T-Mobile sending replacement handset just in case not kitkat issue; but NONE of these things happened prior to install of kitkat.
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    Default Re: post kitkat issues

    How about your Google Now "hotword" is it working after kitkat?
    I updated and got a similar issue (process com.google.process.gapps has stopped ) I haven't noticed anything else that you have described other then the fact that I can't get the OK Google hot word to work anymore.
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    Default Re: post kitkat issues

    won't work for me either. I have to tap the mic
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    Default Re: T-Mobile LG G2: post KitKat issues

    Any fix for the Google music bug? Driving me nuts

    Posted via G2 + Nova
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    Default Re: T-Mobile LG G2: post KitKat issues

    Bought my phone last Wednesday, updated game day. No issues noted. Of course I installed when my phone had just been setup at the store. Perhaps I was successful because I had no added software yet. Try a factory wipe and see if that clears up the issue.

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