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    Default Music randomly starts playing, even when music is paused!

    Howdy, I'm new here.

    Just a few minutes ago, I was listening to music on my phone when I paused the music. All of a sudden, music from another artist (I had selected music from one specific artist to play) randomly starts playing for no reason, and even weirder, when I went to try and pause that music, the music player didn't even have it selected! It still displayed the music I had just recently paused! I then rebooted the phone and the problem has stopped...for now. The ultra-paranoid side of me suspects that someone may have been hacking into my phone, but I'll consider that just a hunch until further evidence surfaces.

    If it helps, my phone is a T-Moble myTouch 3G 1.2; it has no service, and is rooted and flashed w/ EzGingerbread v1.0.

    Any idea what went wrong here?
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    Default Re: Music randomly starts playing, even when music is paused!

    This is really weird. The same thing happened to me back when I had my Transformer Prime. It only did it twice and I never had any problems with it afterwords so you hopefully won't either. If it keeps happening do a reset, if not don't worry.
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    Default Re: Music randomly starts playing, even when music is paused!

    I have the same problem after updating my Galaxy S3 to 4.3. A couple of times a day it will play a track at random times, always the same track. It also doesn't show any player. If I clear notifications it stops playback.

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