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    Default [KERNEL][ACS]*Matr1x* with BLN and voodoo v6.5



    v1.0 Initial release, bln and voodoo for i9020.

    v1.5 Added bln and voodoo support for i9023 as well.

    v2.0 Fixed bluetooth for both models. Added Cyanogenmod 7 support.

    v2.5 Added bfs for both models and updated kernel to Also added cool matrix style boot animation. Also added Nexus s 4g support.

    v3.0 Made all builds 1.2 Ghz.

    v3.5 Added the smartass governor and overclocked to 1.4 Ghz.

    v4.0 Updated voodoo driver 9 to driver 10, added interactive governor, added Proton Voltage Control support, and updated kernel base to

    v4.5 Added bfq i/o scheduler, overclocked to 1.5 Ghz, and fixed oxygen/cm7 voltage settings errors. (Remember, 1.5 Ghz is not very stable even though I have adjusted the voltages accordingly. You can always change the voltages in setcpu or proton.)

    v5.0 Added -ck bfs performance tweaks (thanks morfic for telling me about that ), added cifs and nfs, removed the 1.4 and 1.5 ghz speeds and made it 1.44 Ghz, and added cool matr1x boot animation by rascarlo separately.

    v5.5 Added Android v2.3.5 tweaks and changed voltages for better usability.

    v6.0 Added Ezekeel's touchkey dimmer, TUN, and added 940Mhz with adjusted voltages.

    v6.5 Added all of Ezekeel's mods, 600Mhz with adjusted voltages and new speeds, and updated kernel base to

    System.out.println("Please flash at your own risk! I am not responsible for bricked devices! ");

    **BOTH THESE ZIPS BOOT UP AT 1 Ghz. If you use setcpu to oc, DO NOT USE PROFILES. It will have a negative effect on battery life!**

    **Both these zips use the ext4 filesystem**


    ***CFS Build***

    Matr1x-cfs_v6.5.zip (This will work on any rom, thanks to Koush's AnyKernel)

    ***BFS Build***

    Matr1x-bfs_v6.5.zip (This will work on any rom, thanks to Koush's AnyKernel)

    Use recovery to flash from sdcard! You can also flash from Rom Manager. Then reboot.

    Link to source: https://github.com/mathkid95/linux_samsung



    If would like to know the all-out terminal way, pm me

    For the easy way, download the zip to your phone. Go into root explorer and delete the current bootanimation.zip in the system/media folder. Put this new one in there.

    **INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING EZEKEEL'S MODS** (Thanks Maximilian Mary!)

    Also note that you need a rom with init.d support to flash this zip. If you do not have init.d support in the rom, you will need to set the delay each after each reboot.

    Thanks to:

    Ezekeel for all his mods!
    ACS for letting me join their team!
    rascarlo for the awesome boot animation!
    netarchy for helping me with the code aspects!
    Jonathon Grigg for the Proton Voltage Control app!
    koush for the awesome AnyKernel zip!
    ogdobber and morfic for clearing up any doubts I had!
    akent for the i9023 bln!
    supercurio for the great voodoo app and drivers!
    Con Kolivas for the bfs!
    Paolo Valente for the bfq!

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