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    Default Default Browser Selection Issue on Galaxy S4

    Every time I click on a link, my S4 asks whether to use "internet" or "Chrome" to open the website . I click Chrome, select "always", yet every time I click another link, it offers the same options. How do I get the phone to default to Chrome once and for all? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Internet default

    Double check in your Settings/Apps and make sure CLEAR DEFAULTS is selected on the stock browser app. Also if the option is available go ahead and disable the stock browser " Internet " app. That should stop it from happening.
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    Default Re: Internet default

    Thanks for the quick reply Paul! I did as you suggested and went to the app, but the option to "turn off" is grayed out. I can only "force stop" it, which works until you restart the phone. Then it's up and running again, and I get asked again which browser I want to use when I click on a link. The page reports that there are "no defaults set", therefore nothing to clear. Any other suggestions? Thanks again!
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    Default Re: Internet default

    BTW...and for what it's worth...I also installed the Default App Manager app and set Chrome as the default browser using that app, but that didn't change a thing. I still have to select which browser to use every time I click on a link.
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    Default Re: Default Browser Selection Issue on Galaxy S4

    Related issue...When I click on links it asks if I want to use NFL Mobile or the browser or sometimes Nook or the browser. The links I'm clicking have absolutely nothing to do with the NFL, sports, nook, B&N, nothing. It's relatively irritating.

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