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    Default Random Data Drops

    I don't know if this is a GS4 thing or a TMO thing, but every now and then - no rhyme or reason - my data just drops. The 4G is still "on" but the arrows aren't lighting up and there is no connection. Sometimes it will restore itself after a minute or two, sometimes longer. Sometimes it will bounce all the way down to no data, then back up to 4G. Anybody else run in to this? Very frustrating.
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    Default Re: Random Data Drops

    I've Had The Same Problem But Recently While Using The WiFi Tether App My T-Mobile S4 Got Really Hot & All Signal Just Went Away.... I've Tried Restoring But There's Still No Available Signal At All..... Did I Damage Something Internally? Any Help Would Be Great Before Going Out To Purchase A New MotherBoard, Thanks....

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