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    Default No Secret: Vibrant Full Price $329.99?!

    T-Mobile Vibrant Full Price $329.99-Here is real screenshot, not photoshop.

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    If this really pans out, I'll have to pick one up.
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    If you buy this phone off contract will it be locked down on t-mo?
    It's no big deal if it is because I can always root it but I rather not.
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    I read somewhere today that tmobile came out and said off-contract price will be $449. That sucks....
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    hopefully the cost will be the 199.99 show on other sites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylormah View Post
    I read somewhere today that tmobile came out and said off-contract price will be $449. That sucks....
    I wish we could get a good solid answer on this - I sent them a tweet and they said they did not have details yet on the "off-contract" price. That was as of this morning about 8AM.
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    Default Re: No Secret: Vibrant Full Price $329.99?!

    If that's full price it's definitely worth picking up without a contract

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    I asked at the store yesterday and he confirmed $449
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    Is there any other place cheaper than the retail Tmobile store for a Vibrant? The next cheapest I've seen is Radio Shack.

    Tmobile Retail $449 (+ sales tax)
    Radio Shack $499.99 (does charge sales tax to CA?)
    Wirefly $559
    Amazon Wireless $599 (can't find a no contract option)
    Walmart/Letstalk $599 (used to be able to preorder for $479)

    Any place cheaper?

    I'm off contract so I can go either way...
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    I haven't been able to find it anywhere cheaper. I am off contract too and have been searching.
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    Pulled the trigger and bought a Vibrant through Wirefly. I'm off contract and plan to use the data plan anyway so I opted for the discounted phone price. Here are some items that might be interesting to other folks that might be planning to get this phone.

    1) Tmobile allows you to do an upgrade on only one phone if you have multiple lines on a family plan. Wirefly's online form doesn't allow this so they make you call their phone order line.

    2) You can elect to keep the exact same phone plan you had before, but some resellers might not offer this option. Make sure to ask for it. In the case of Wirefly they had this option, but they tried to upsell me. I talked to 3 different agents as I worked out the details I wanted for my upgrade and one agent even said that it was not possible to keep the existing plan. It is but make sure to ask for it.

    3) I had a data/message plan that I wanted to keep, Tmobile said they could transfer it to my new contract, but I had to purchase what the vendor had first then call them later to change it back. YMMV so check with Tmobile first, get them to add it to your account notes before buying the phone. It might be more difficult to get Tmobile to do it after you place an order. Note: I might have been able to pull this off because I had a G1 and an existing Android unlimited data plan to start with and was the same/better than the required $30 android unlimited package required as part of an upgrade.

    4) Watch out for the fees. For an upgrade Tmobile charges an $18 upgrade fee. They will also charge you for shipping. At Wirefly I was told that I would be charged $36 activation fee. I told them that was more than what Tmobile said, but the Tmobile agent said that if that was the fee Wirefly was charging there was nothing they could do about it. The good news is that after I purchased the phone I followed up and the order fulfillment team said that they would only charge me the $18 upgrade fee.

    5) Listen closely to the terms and conditions of the upgrade extension. Any changes to data or the plan will result in termination fees as well as additional charges by the reseller to recoup the phone discount. I think you need to keep the phone on the ordered line for 6 months or you loose the discount. Not sure it they can check and enforce this if you swap out sims.

    Overall it was a painful experience with my having to call Tmobile and Wirefly multiple times to clarify specific items. Wirefly's phone sales really keeps on trying to upsell you as well as get you to buy phone insurance and accessories. Their call center in India can get really irritating (like a car dealership) when you don't go for their higher profit accessories and insurance. I especially hated their line "your getting an expensive ($200?) phone worth $600, why wouldn't you get insurance".

    Final price is $149.99 + $18 upgrade fee + free standard fedex shipping and no sales tax to CA. This should be close to as good as it gets for an new release smartphone. Upsides are that I get to keep my old (cheaper) phone plan and unlimited data+400text plan ($10 savings per month). I also have the flexibility to upgrade my wife's phone at a later date.

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