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    Default Does Wifi use T-Mo's Data Plan

    Hello all. Just wondering if there is any way to use my home wifi with my Vibrant and NOT incur any data plan usage during the session. Other than for calls, it doesn't seem right that I use up precious KBs on my data plan when using my home wifi for which another company is charging me. Thanks.
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    When you're using WiFi you don't use data from your plan. So as long as you have your WiFi on and are getting a WiFi signal, you're good to go!
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    Calls don't use data, just minutes. (unless you're on skype) But yeah, as long as you're connected to wifi, that connection has priority
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    I totally get the priority. Was just wondering about my data usage where T-Mo is concerned. Even with unlimited data, I occasionally get e message from them telling me that I have gone over. I tether my phone from work. I was hoping that data usage through my wifi at home wouldn't count towards that limit. Thanks all.
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    Looking for ap for samsung vibrant that allows me to talk through wifi at home. Is there one out there? I have bad reception in my home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndroidBoricua View Post
    I tether my phone from work. I was hoping that data usage through my wifi at home wouldn't count towards that limit. Thanks all.
    Wao you must tether a lot if you are getting this msg from tmobile. I have the AT&T 2GB/mo. Data plan so I'm restricted on data usage, but even if I had an unlimitted plan I would use my wifi at home like for streaming video for example. I use wifi all the time at home when streaming YouTube on my iPhone.

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    Its weird how this works, we know carriers have a softcap before they throttle, but T-Mobile is extremely open about it, and the soft cap is very generous. Verizon and Sprint don't say anything and then AT&T had a tier data plan only, off topic but very much worth mentioning. Anyways, you use wifi and any data you are using on your device goes through your home internet, so none of your actual cell data is used.

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