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    Default Can you forward T-mobile SMS messages to email, or can GV do this?


    My corporate MS Outlook account will only allow me to setup SMS notification to the 4 main US carriers, and I want SMS notification to a UK carrier. I have successfully setup SMS forwarding from a US Google Voice account to UK Vodafone using emails via IFTTT, but my company's SMS system will not work with GV. Also, I am forbidden from forwarding emails directly to IFTTT.

    So my company will allow me to send SMS notifications to Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T. T-Mobile has the best deal with $10 for 90-days or 100SMS at 10c/SMS received.

    a) Is it possible to configure my T-Mobile account so that all my SMS messages are sent by email to IFTTT?
    b) Is it possible to configure Google Voice to login to my T-Mobile account and forward all my SMS messages to IFTTT?

    TIA, Banjo

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