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    Default Unfortunately email has stopped

    When trying to setup Corporate e-mail using the Email app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, by choosing Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and after providing necessary credentials and clicking next, I see "Checking incoming settings", followed by "Unfortunately email has stopped". So, I cannot get any access to Corporate e-mail. I've duplicated the issue on 7 different Galaxy Note 3s at AT&T, Verizon, and Best Buy. Has anyone else experienced this issue on the Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.3? We have many other Android devices connected to our Corporate E-mail, including a Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3, a tablet running Android 4.4, and many Android 4.2 devices. This is the first device we've encountered that will not connect to our Exchange Servers. Using the same Galaxy Note 3 device, I successfully connected to a different Exchange Server. So there's something about our Exchange Server that the Galaxy Note 3 doesn't like. Is there anyone else out there experiencing this same issue?

    We are able to connect to our Exchange Server using other e-mail apps available in the Google Play store on the Galaxy Note 3, it just doesn't work with the native Email app.
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    Having same issue... New Phone. At&T. Exchange works fine on other phones.. Only Samsung it doesnt. This is plain out pathetic.
    I am going to add a fraud charge to card as Samsung is unable to fix this issue.

    Tried Exchange settings floating around
    Wipe partition cache
    reset device
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    Default Re: Unfortunately email has stopped

    I am experiencing exactly the same is there anyway to fix this.... it is soooo frustrating

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