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    Default Amazing phone! App must have's?

    Took my S4 back today and picked up the N3. Best Buy has all Samsung phones on sale as of today. For me, this is the most awesome Samsung phone yet.

    A few browsers have been mentioned, but does anyone have a favorite? Also, I'm really interested in which Samsung apps are worth using. For the first time, I think some of the preloaded apps look great. Not so sure about the privacy side of things yet, but I'd really like to know if anyone finds any of the preloaded apps worth using.

    Lastly, are most people using flip cases, Otterbein cases, etc? I'm concerned about dropping it.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Default Re: Amazing phone! App must have's?

    Don't have an Note 3 myself, but glad you are liking the device.

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    Default Re: Amazing phone! App must have's?

    What did you use on the S4? I'm using Nova Prime launcher, I have my travel apps, bible apps, news apps and social apps. Tapatalk, Out of Milk, Blogger, Fandango,Waze,Open Table are some others I use. Case wise, I switch between my Caseology and Verizon TPU cases and I have a Spigen Neo Hybrid.

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    Default Re: Amazing phone! App must have's?

    Just dropped my Note 3 this AM, on to concrete from waist high pocket. No is in a -I-Blaston case. Not a scratch!

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    Default Re: Amazing phone! App must have's?

    I have the iblason case as well and love it!


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