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    Default At&t phone on t-mobile but no data

    Hello all.. I recently bought an uunlocked note 3 from a coworker and it's from at&t, I am using t-mobile as a carrier though. Everything seemed okay at first but then I realised that I can't get my data to work (no internet or picture texts). It will randomly pop up with 4glte at the top of the screen for 5 minutes or so then just randomly drop. It doesn't matter if I restart or turn wifi off and on. I don't know anything about unlocked phones and having different carriers. It's just very odd that it works and then stops, my speed is great when it does work. My other phone was a tmobile note 2 and I never had any issues with data or signal.
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    You need to change your apn settings
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    Follow these steps

    It's easier than you think to do
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    Default Re: At&t phone on t-mobile but no data

    It won't let me select the apn protocol it is stuck on ipv4
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    Default Re: At&t phone on t-mobile but no data

    The only settings I changed were name, apn, mmsc, multimedia message proxy and multimedia message port. I left the rest alone

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