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    Default Newbie to Note 3 & having trouble with Music Files

    Hi Everyone! I finally made the switch from and iphone to the Note 3. so I'm new to the note 3 and I purchased a few songs from google play store and it put them automatically into the "play music" app and now I can only access them thru the "play music" app. I want them to show up in the "music" app so I can turn them into ringtones using a ringtone maker app. How do I move these music files? I hope Im making sense! Thank you in advance for all your help!!
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    Default Re: Newbie to Note 3 & having trouble with Music Files

    Hi, welcome to AC. They aren't easy to get to because Google is trying to discourage file sharing/piracy.

    So you'll need to search for them with a file manager.

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    Default Re: Newbie to Note 3 & having trouble with Music Files

    Try Samsung Kies Air in Play Store..

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