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    Hey whats going on everyone? I had a note 3 since release date and the proximity sensor went out on me. AT&T sent me another phone today and now my thing is I want to back up everything from the old phone to my new one. I know of the samsung smart switch app but it wont work seeing as AT&T doesn't send anything but the replacement phones. I want my pictures, contacts, sms, and call logs to go onto the new phone. I know this has to be possible. Any help? And I'm on a mac, I don't know if that changes things but I just thought it would be helpful information. Thanks
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    I'm not sure for MAC but just out of curiosity how did the proximity sensor die? Did it fully stop working or only half?

    I've found with my S3 in the past and now my Note 3 I've had to remove the back cover and blown canned air at the top.. In the earpiece and all that.. It would help get rid of anything stuck in their and kept my sensor working even when it started to go wonky .

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    Tried the air thing. it just stopped working one day. I have OCD so my phone has to be spotless at all times lol. No dirt or anything in there. Hopefully it doesn't happen with this new phone. I'm using androidfiletransfer on my mac now but I don't know where in the system files the messages and call logs are. I don't think I can access them.

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