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    Question Music App, can't find it ? ?

    On my wife's Note 3 I have a music app loaded that I really like.
    I just acquired a Note 3 for myself & want to load the same music app.
    Trouble is I can't find it !

    It is titled MUSIC, and the icon is a Blue circle, with a white area in the middle showing the Play triangle,
    and a green music note over the right side of the circle.

    I am going nuts trying to find it.
    Please help before I go insane lol
    Thanks ! ! !
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    Default Re: Music App, can't find it ? ?

    That is the stock music app. Unless you disabled it, it should be there in your app drawer under Music. If you're not rooted, it can't be removed from the device, only turned off, so it's got to be there somewhere on your phone.
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    Default Re: Music App, can't find it ? ?

    I didn't root my phone (not yet).
    The app I do have that came with the phone is the "Play Music" app which is not very good.
    I might try to load the "Music" app from a backup of my wife's phone on my computer, to my phone,
    I'll see if that works.
    Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Music App, can't find it ? ?

    Well that was a waste of time ! You can only restore files to the same device using Kies3 .
    Protecting against Pirating, I can understand that !
    So I am back where I started. Guess I'll have to find a better Music app than the "Play Music".
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    Default Re: Music App, can't find it ? ?

    Just downloaded DoubleTwist ! It looks like a pretty good, easy to use music manager/player !
    Still, if anyone knows how I can get the "Music" stock app back on my Note 3, please let me know.
    Thanks !
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    Default Re: Music App, can't find it ? ?

    Go to app manager In settings. Slide over to the 'all' category and the 'turned off' category. It should be in one of those. If it has been turned off just open it and check the turn on box and it should show up again.

    If it is not pre installed on device, I would download the Samsung App store or whatever they are calling it now. It is Samsung Music app and I bet you can download it there.

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