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    I upgraded to the S4 from an Iphone 3GS and used the visual VM app on my old phone every day. I am a heavy phone user and found this feature very useful. I was a little disappointed to find this was not standard on the Galaxy S4. I found the ATT Visual Voice mail app on the Play Store, and have it installed. To say the least, I am terribly disappointed. Unlike the app for IOS, there is no message counter on the widget, and often, when I open the app, it looks like it is going to lock up the phone. I get a blank screen, that lasts for several seconds while the app tries to open. Does anyone know of an alternative app that has the counter on the widget and is better behaved?
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    Google Voice is an alternate with some additional flexibility, like having different voice mail messages for different caller groups, etc.
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    I have used the Visual Voicemail Plus app from PhoneFusion for the two years since I gave up on the iPhone. It's free and its widget has the counter you're looking for. I'd say it's close enough to the iPhone VM for you.

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