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    Default After 2nd 4.3 update, S4 keeps asking me to sign-in to my wifi, then times out

    After the 2nd 4.3 update, my phone refuses to connect to my work wifi.

    When I enter the building, it connects to my wifi, and then I get a notification that says I need to sign-in to the network (as if I am using hotel wifi).
    When I click on the notification, it opens up a web browser, which connects to google, with no problems.

    However, I don't have any login windows, so I cannot log in, and then after a few minutes, my phone cuts off the wifi and says wifi sign-in timed out
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    Default Re: After 2nd 4.3 update, S4 keeps asking me to sign-in to my wifi, then times out

    Welcome to Android Central! I've been hearing about and reading about various problems with the 4.3 update. Did you just do the update today? Supposedly they fixed the problems, but if you updated today and things are still messed up, then maybe they spoke too soon. You could try wiping the system cache partition:

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