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    Default AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 - After 4.3 Update, Phone doesn't recognize Bluetooth Device

    I've been pretty happy using a Motorola HX 550 Bluetooth device and the MotoSpeak app for voice to text recognition, because the MotoSpeak app seemed to work much better than the native S-Voice program.

    Since the update, my phone (via the MotoSpeak app) will not recognize the HX 550 earpiece. I keep getting a "searching for compatible devices" message followed by "no devices found".

    Naturally, I've had the earpiece on while trying to connect.

    Any ideas?.
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    Default Re: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 - After 4.3 Update, Phone doesn't recognize Bluetooth Device

    I'm having this problem with a Motorola Command One. I just got the Galaxy S4, with Android 4.3 already on it. I installed My Motospeak, and it won't find the device. If I reboot the phone, the app finds the headset one time, and allows me to use it. Then if I turn the headset off and turn it back on again, the app doesn't find the device. Anyone else having this issue and know of a solution?
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    Update. I rebooted the phone, connected the headset, and My Motospeak recognized the headset. I was able to use the app to send texts and call people through the app voice recognition feature. When I'm done and disconnect the headset, if I toggle blue tooth off and on, the app will recognize and connect to the headset the next time I need to use it.

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