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    Default Happy owners of S4

    Just wondering how everyone like there s4?

    How is the battery life. Improved over s2?

    I have a s2 and have enjoyed it, no problems till yesterday, power button quit, no working.

    And so now looking at maybe getting a new phone. And wondering of problems anyone has had with there s4.
    I do not have a contract and am using go phone plan, and buying data. Anyone else using go? Just wondering about apn settings.
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    Default Re: Happy owners of S4

    I can't say anything over an s2 as this is my first galaxy device but battery life is pritty good not like a note 3 but it's pritty solid for me I can go 10 15 hours (heavy media user with 4 browser windows open and such) I would honestly wait for the gs5

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    Default Re: Happy owners of S4

    My first android was the Samsung Infuse, then S2, S3, and S4. I am happy with it. Battery life is greatly improved over the S2. I still have all my previous models and all still work perfectly. Screen is major improvement. Quad core gives better performance as well. I don't mind touchwiz, some people loathe it and cry about it. I will admit S4 is heavier on bloat than previous, but I froze all that anyway. I like the features of TouchWiz overall. I use the S2 i have to flash different ROMs but always fall back on the ShoStock3 which is based on TouchWiz minus the heavy bloat.
    As far as APN goes for GoPhone, last i read after the revamp for LTE data, the apn settings were nearly the same or exactly the same. I'd do a google search to find out specifics. Hope that helps
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    Default Re: Happy owners of S4

    Beautiful screen, haptic feedback seems better than the Epic Touch 4G... I don't see the need to take the S5 for $150 simply for a fingerprint scanner and faster processor. S4 is plenty zippy and, with Kitkat and the Google Now Launcher, it's beautiful as well. Not a fan of TouchWiz. Camera is great, for both images and video...

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