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    Default Need help ASAP!!! Time is of the essence

    I rooted my LG Thrill and installed ROM manager, not knowing the consequences, i used ROM manager to flash CWM Recovery. Now when I try to turn on my phone it goes to the LG screen. I can boot into the CWM Recovery that was flashed to it, but since it is not the right version for this phone, I can not really do anything from within it... Can ANYONE help me or did i just ruin it... I use this phone for business and without it my business will start to crumble... I've already received 12 e-mails today from people unable to reach me.
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    Default Re: Need help ASAP!!! Time is of the essence

    go to android settings and find where it says to go to default settings - it will put everything back the way it is originally - you will lose some things - but it will fix it. Hope this helps

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