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    Default soon to be new to android


    I've been a blackberry/verizon person for years. I'm having to quit verizon due to poor coverage(its bad enough they are eating the early disconnect charge) and am switching to AT&T. My wife just got an Atrix2 and loves it. I like a physical keyboard but its not a deal buster.

    I have to have a phone that has good reception for my job (physician) but beyond that I mostly do calendar/email stuff. I don't text a lot and w/ a blackberry aps haven't been a big deal but am sure that will change.

    I am interested in recommendations on phone selection and tablet selection. Also, is there an advantage/disadvantage to a carrier tablet or just buying one from a store?

    Thank you for the input

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    Default Re: soon to be new to android

    For keyboard, I'd go with Samsung Captivate Glide, it's really the best option on AT&T for a full featured Android devices.
    Non keyboard your top phones are Samsung Galaxy SII/Skyrocket, HTC Vivid or your wife's choice, the Atrix 2.
    I can't really comment on on-contract tablets however, as I bought a Galaxy Tab outright and don't use it on a data plan.

    If money isn't an issue I'd recommend ordering a Samsung Galaxy Note from one of the online sources and kill two birds with one stone since its niche is Tablet/Phone. Google it, it's impressive even without LTE. There's ror it will be announced January at CES but if you're like most of us..who can wait that long?!
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    Default Re: soon to be new to android

    Thank you for the response and info.
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    what's wrong with stock?

    Default Re: soon to be new to android

    I agree the Captivate Glide is the vest full keyboard device If you can sacrafuce that consider the Vivid and Skyrocket. Atrix II is nice but honestly it's old tech.

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