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    Default ATT Seriously Slacking on Devices

    Is it me or does it seem like they are seriously slacking on devices to keep up with the competition? TMO is getting the Sensation, Verizon has the Thunderbolt, and Sprint is getting the Photon. The last phone released was the Infuse and the Atrix. It seems like all the competitors are announcing all these great new Android devices and nothing exciting from ATT. I was waiting for the Nexus S for ATT but they are seriously lagging on it or if ever.
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    They're probably waiting until their LTE is deployed in the second half of this year. I mean, why wouldn't they wait?

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    Actually, the Infuse was jus released couple weeks ago.

    The *Inspire* and Atrix were released several months ago.

    And all 3 of those..some pretty bad *ss phones. Not sure what more u could want/expect..
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    I have the sgs2 on at&t, high end enough for me.
    And the inspire and the thunderbolt are literally the same phone, so Verizon doesn't have much over at&t but that's just my opinion.

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    Which phone?


    AT&T has a bunch of decent phones. The Atrix is a total monster, and the Inspire is a great phone as well. Haven't touched the Infuse yet. Even the Captivate has some pretty decent specs, and one of the most beautiful screens and chassis I've seen.

    They also have the iPhone 4, an the Samsung Focus.

    I'm a phone nerd! Granted, my iPhone will always bey main line, but with the exception of the Infuse and Atrix, I've owned and used the others(ok, the Inspire is my wife's). I would say you have A pretty good selection.
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    Don't get me wrong there are some nice devices, but seems like a lot of carriers are announcing new android phones much sooner than ATT ever does. I mean the Atrix was decent but had call quality issues. The Inspire is similar to the Thunderbolt and the Infuse like most Samsung phones have some issues including GPS. Well seems as though we will see a Samsung Galaxy S II phone as well as the LG 3D phone soon.
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    The atrix is arguably the best phone on the market and they got it before anyone else. I guess you could say they beat everyone else to the punch. Also I am a sprint customer so its not AT&T bias.

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    They are picking up steam on their devices. It is going to be a matter of time before they release more. They did say back as CES this year they are planing on over 40 phones to be released this year, with over 20 of them being android phones. Give it some time, i dont know if we will see all of them that they planned for, but still, i would expect a good amount.
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    I'm waiting for the LG thrill 4G.
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    I have an iPhone 4, Infuse, Nexus S, Focus, and an Atrix. The iPhone and the Infuse are by far my favorites.

    Let's talk about this Photon- what makes it different from the Motorola Atrix that AT&T released months ago?
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    The infuse is the best phone I have owned to date. Fast, reliable, and a great screen. The 4.5 inch screen is amazing and I believe it will be norm soon. Not sure how you can say that since all they had been pushing was the iPhone but now that the exclusivity is over its time for android to take over. Inspire, atrix, infuse all released within a month or so of each over. If you haven't used the infuse try it. Plus 1080p recording and a great camera to boot.

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