Hello folks

i just got my note 2 10.1
it is amazing and i was about to get the iPad4 but i do not regret buying the note .. it is amazing !!
speed wise and with the pen .. it is very helpful .. recently i have been using it more then my laptop
the only thing that i find kind of annoying is these two things .. hope you guys can help out :

1- Spell check ?
for me I'm used to type by my self with no word prediction i just like to type fast and then recheck the spelling and wtv
and it seems that this option is not provided with androids ?

2- I do have flash player and it is awesome ! but i find it very very hard to watch shows online
like i click play and usually from my laptop i just wait till it continue downloading but with my note it seems like it doesn't move and i have to click play
and watch it and if it is slow i have to wait the buffering to finish !

thanks guys