Very handy app for taking geotagged photo's. This means that the photos are saved including their GPS location so that you can easily view them on a map afterwards. Check out this YouTube video to understand how the app works:

These are the main features as described on their page: Applications:
- Everyday life: make a geophoto of an object of interest to remember when and where the photo was taken and what the photo is depicting.
- Travel: send geophoto to your friends to let them know where exactly you are and what surrounds you.
- Business: send a GeoCam Report for a real property of interest to your client to provide the necessary information in full detail.
- Social life: inform local authorities of a dangerous pothole in the driveway for quick actions to be taken.
- Accident: send a GeoCam Report of a road traffic accident to your insurance agent.
Here is the Google play url: