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    Thumbs up 【Selfie】 of NoteLedge

    Hi there everyone~

    I am NoteLedge for Android, I was born in Taiwan of a family named Kdan Mobile this year. I have sisters and brothers: NoteLedge for ipad, NoteLedge for iphone, NoteLedge for win8 and NoteLedge for Mac. Big family, huh? Xd~ I am the youngest, but I know I will be the most popular, because more and more people are using android devices. And I am smart, multimedia-supported, I know android man will like me a lot!

    Here below Id like to share with you part of my life~lol

    This guy is fond of hanging out around. Here and there, he never felt tired of transferring among different cities. The most important is, he likes to write traveling log, taking pinctures and share them in his Facebook and twitter. Actually, he really has lots of followers there and his articles and pictures always get many many likes. Then he met me. Then he becomes addictive to me because I can meet all his needs on the way of travelling: make travel plan before starting off, take photos, and drop down some sentences to memorize in travelling then share them all with those backpackers around the world. From then on, (I am so proud to say that) I am sure the must-have on his nexus and witness so many fabulous moments.
    You can check these pictures:
    【Selfie】 of NoteLedge-qq-20131207103448.png
    【Selfie】 of NoteLedge-2.png
    【Selfie】 of NoteLedge-1.png

    Well, I have to end this log now because we are going to start another journey. Wish me good luck! And I would share more few days later, to be expected~~~
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    Default Re: 【Selfie】 of NoteLedge

    Is there a link to the app in Play?

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    Hey,i am here! Welcome to play with me! Rate me ! Review me!
    Quote Originally Posted by Golfdriver97 View Post
    Is there a link to the app in Play?
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    hi av8d. 2013 is gonna to be the bygones and 2014 is around the corner! We wish you a happy new year! Don't forget record the countdown moments with Noteledge and share with family and friends!

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