Have recently got a tablet (Nook HD+ 9", rooted to get rid of Nook interface) as part of a phone contract and am looking to use it in my work.

I currently have a paper hire form for filling out customer details and product details, then obtain 2 signatures one from the customer and one from myself before everything get input onto a spreadsheet. I'm looking to use the tab to eliminate the paper hire form.

What i'd need:
An editable PDF (to type in name, address, email, product details)
A space to receive a signature (by stylus)
An opportunity to save completed form and preferably upload it straight to a spreadsheet or at least email the complete pdf including sig

Is such an app available? I have tried the full paid edition of qPDF and it makes the form editable, but I cannot work out how to put a sig on without them pre-registering first.